Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Three Targets

After reading Stewarts latest post on http://boulmerbirder.blogspot.com/, it made me think about my county list and other birding aims.

Last year I decided that I had three targets I wanted to achieve during my lifetime:

1. Find a first for Northumberland - A lot harder than I first thought when I saw what has already been found.

2. See 350+ in Northumberland- could be achieved( I'm currently on 233) but it all depends on me staying in the county, which is unlikely when I only 7% of jobs in the area I am going into are in the north east.

3. See 120+ at West Hartford- Currently I'm on 99 and this seems like the most achievable but again it depends on me staying in the area and WH not being built over.

Friday was the only day I managed to get out last week. I went for a walk to WH but went back when I sank up to my knees in snow. Highlights of the walk were 20+ Siskin which flew over the roundabout in front of WH and a Woodcock which was circling the fire station.

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