Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Creeper

I had a walk to West Hartford this morning to clear my head, I didn't see much on the way there or at WH. All the bushes and trees were birdless and both pools at Hartford were still frozen.

I was about to go when I could hear a high pitched call coming from the small row of trees between the metal fence and the pools. It sounded like a Goldcrest, then Robin and then Wren. I waited about 5 minutes as I couldn't make my mind up on the call.
Eventually I saw some movement on the underside of the branches, bins lifted, it was a Treecreeper-a first for West Hartford!
Not only is it a new bird for WH it is also my 100th species seen at WH and the first new species I have found, what a christmas present.

Patch Birding doesn't get much better.

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geordie said...

Yes, i had a walk over to WH on Wednesday last and was watching a Tree Creeper, nothing much else apart from an owl on one of the far trees, however, the scenery was stunning and the Nikon was very well used